Order not delivered?

If you have received a delivery notice from the UPS or Canada Post and you still haven't received your order, we completely understand your concern. This can happen for a few reasons, please take the following steps:

  1. Check to see if the shipping address on your order is correct (you can find this in your order confirmation email)
  2. If the address is correct, check your tracking number:
    • UPS: check to see if it was delivered to a nearby UPS Access Point
    • Canada Post: check to see if they left it in a parcel locker.  If so, you should have received a key in your mailbox to open the parcel locker.  If not, you can open a case with Canada Post at this link
  3. If after the above is completed and your package still does not show up, please reach out to orders@47brand.ca for assistance - please include your order number.

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