Why is the selection smaller on the Canadian site than in the US?

We appreciate the love you have for '47 in Canada and we're trying our best to give you the best selection and service.  To give you Canadian pricing, faster shipping, and no duties - the products on 47brand.ca are shipped from a warehouse in Canada.  However, due to the size of the different markets, the selection will vary greatly and will be smaller in Canada.

We'll be continuously bringing in new styles throughout the year and look forward to growing with you in Canada, if you have recommendations on what styles and teams you'd like to see in Canada, please contact us with your suggestions.

If you see a style you like on our US site, you can still order it into Canada.  However, please keep in mind there will be a different shipping cost, in USD and may incur duties.  Also, promo codes from Canada will not work on our US site.

At this time, we are not able to transfer products from our US warehouse to the Canadian warehouse.

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